Cure EP

by oilcolor

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thanks to everybody on the EP
thanks to everybody who support it
love you.


released April 28, 2016

Artwork by @philosophimage (twitter)



all rights reserved


oilcolor Austria

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Track Name: weight of the wind part 2 w/ nothing, nowhere & Mr. Mist
nothing, nowhere:

tell me all all your thoughts
when you can’t say em out loud
said she wanna skip town
take a train going southbound
i know i’m not the guy
that you need in your life now
skinny motherfucker
know i stay in the background

are you thinking of me?
well i’ve been thinking of you
you know i love running my mouth
with out thinking it through
haven’t cared in a minute and see
i’m scared to admit it but its true
the only thing i loved was always you

imma pack my shit
imma end this quick
cause life aint shit
man, lifes a bitch
i said i’ve been doing well
nah, i’ve been sick
fucked up in the brain mane
it’s a damn shame

Mr. Mist:

say no lies please let me rest
rest your head up against my chest
hear the beat as it's slowing down
remember me till I hit the ground
Blossomed truths were ripped apart
left my lungs ready to depart
of my hard heart meets me in the frame
with my last breath to call your name
Track Name: I tried to revive you w/ Mr. Mist
lyrics by Mr. Mist

What will I
Wish for
When you’re not struggling to breath
Tardiss enters space and time to which I will not leave

What am I good for
When you’re not apart of me
I’m traveling through this empty place
On which we both agree
Holding on to many times
But will not see you slip and fall
I have no wish nor dream
To have faith in a god at all
Bring me to fright
Where your shadow will bright
Dim down the light
That remains in your eyes

Passing through your fingertips
Your heart is worn and skin is split
I’ve tried to revive you
I’ve tried to remind you
Track Name: healing pain w/ harvest
Track Name: lie down and never rise w/ Mr. Mist
lyrics by Mr. Mist

don't wait for my call
before destroying it all
I never had nor the will to fly
strapping these clicks to my every side
a new tone you speak not half so rich
you bite your tongue but move no inch
of your throne I'll make an end
I do not expect you to understand

don't look to much on little things
pain hangs above every king
rain will fall and flowers die
now lie down and never rise

don't look to much on little things
pain hangs above every king
rain will fall and flowers die
now lie down and never rise
Track Name: close the chapter (outro)